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This page is devoted to my research of Czech Trumpet Music. It was inspired from my study with Ladislav Kozderka and Miroslav Kejmar while I performed in the Prague Summer Nights Festival Orchestra.

Czech music is a misunderstood and somewhat unknown part of our trumpet repertoire. There has been a misconception that relatively little art music was composed during the communist period of Czechoslovakia, but as I have found, there are been hundreds of pieces composed for trumpet in the past 80 years by Czech composers. This research is meant to invite a broader community to perform and engage with this music.

Below are links to my Dissertation (and extra readings), lists of Czech trumpet repertoire, and biographies of famous Czech Trumpet Players.

A part of my research was to document as many pieces as I could that was written for trumpet by Czech composers. There are links to the Czech Music Information Centre entries for many of pieces, along with links to publishers and recordings when available.

This document and research was completed as a part of my doctoral degree. It includes historical discussion of the development of Czech trumpet music, biographies of trumpet players that performed this music, and investigation of Czech musical style.

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