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My Teaching Philosophy

I believe every teaching environment should be safe and supportive, fostered through positive teaching interactions and built upon individual student needs and skills. Whether it is in the classroom or in the teaching studio, by recognizing students’ strengths, building upon them, and interactively setting goals, students invest in their own future to become self-motivated musicians.

My goals as a teacher are to:

1.) make trumpet playing as efficient and effortless as possible

2.) create positive and motivated individuals

3.) give students the tools they need to identify and achieve their life aspirations.

In my experience, every single student brings a unique set of skills to the trumpet and has their own unique sound. My role as the teacher is to develop these skills and sound so that the student becomes a confident and independent musician. I accomplish this by providing them with the tools that they need to improve their musicianship and others through positive teaching methods and environment. I believe that this intentional and objective approach to honing a student’s strengths is my pedagogical forte. I will continue to create resources for my students that they can use in their own teaching and influence the next generation of musicians.


The GCC Trumpet Studio

The Trumpet Studio at Glendale Community College is made up of a group of fantastic and motivated individuals from all walks of life. Members of the studio perform in every capacity offered at GCC including the chamber ensembles, jazz ensembles, bands, and many more. 

In addition to having weekly lessons and studio classes with Dr. Brand, trumpet students also have the opportunity to work with incredible guest clinicians and musicians from around the world. Providing a rounded education with diverse perspectives!

See what's happening at GCC Now by following us on Instagram! @gcctrumpetstudio 

The GCC Trumpet Bootcamp

Glendale Community College is proud to now host the GCC Trumpet Bootcamp, which takes places every August before classes begin. This is a weekend long workshop designed to prepare college and high school students for the rigors of the semester, whether students hope to become more proficient on their instrument or aspire to be avid performers.

The workshop includes a warm-up class, masterclasses from local Arizona professionals, trumpet ensemble rehearsals, and a Showcase concert. All events are designed to teach students the healthy playing and performing habits required of the modern musician!

Registration is open to both college and high school students in the greater Phoenix area. The 2023 Trumpet Bootcamp will take place on August 19th and 20th, and registration will open on May 1st of 2023. Please reach out to Dr. Brand if you are interested in attending:

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6000 West Olive Ave

Glendale, AZ, 85302

Tel: 320-491-4436

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