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Dissertation and Further Reading

This document is intended to serve as an overview for Czech Trumpet music, to contextualize it's place in our repertoire, and define Czech trumpet playing style. It begins with historical discussion of the development of this repertoire, presents profiles of the trumpeters who performed this repertoire during the Communist Period of Czechoslovakia, and also contains an extensive bibliography and list of works for trumpet.

In the next section there is a link to download my dissertation, along with links to read more articles from authors who greatly contributed to the scholarship of Czech music.

Lists of Resources

An Investigation of Essential Czech Musical Elements in Trumpet Music. (Dissertation)

This article explores elements of repertoire by Czech composers that create an inherent "Czechness" in the music. Exploring primarily the music of Smetana, Dvořák, and others.

This article dives deeper into the types of political pressures that were placed on Czech artists during the communist period of Czechoslovakia. 

This is an interview of Miroslav Kejmar (for Solo Trumpet of the Czech Philharmonic) that Frank Kaderabek conducted and published in the International Trumpet Guild Journal. Kejmar talks a lot about his life and the music that he either performed or was composed for him.

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